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If you’re a fan of the famous children’s song Baby Shark and are looking to add a playful touch to your designs, Kurri Island Personal Black font might be the perfect choice for you. In 2020, Mans Greback made a custom font resembling the one used in Pinkfong’s “Baby Shark” logo. With its playful and comical look, this font has become a popular choice for designs targeting children or anyone who loves the famous “Baby Shark” song.

Characteristics of Baby Shark Font

One of the notable features of Baby Shark font is its slightly irregular strokes and bends, giving it a fun and comical look. The sans-serif font is also easy-going and relaxed, yet serious enough to be used in professional designs. However, it is worth noting that the font is missing the letter “A” styling, which is custom-made to match the shark fin in the logo.

baby Shark logo vs Kurri Island black font similarity

Kurri Island Font

The Kurri Island font family is a comprehensive collection of 24 high-quality fonts, comprising various styles such as Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, and Black weights. The font family also comes with an additional Caps style to maximize the impression, and each font is provided as Italic. This range of styles gives the typeface great flexibility, allowing you to emphasize specific phrases or words in your designs.

Lingual Support and Punctuation

Kurri Island also contains all the characters you’ll ever need, including all punctuation and numbers, and has extensive lingual support covering all European Latin-based scripts. This makes it easy to use the font in different languages and for various design purposes.

Using Baby Shark Font

While you can use the Baby Shark font for personal use. It is essential to note that it is copyrighted and owned by Mans Greback. If you intend to use it commercially, make sure to obtain the appropriate license from the font designer. This font is perfect for designs targeting children or anyone who loves the famous “Baby Shark” song.

Baby Shark Font Generator

Font View

Baby Shark Font Characterc map
Baby Shark Font Symbols

About the “Baby Shark” Song and Logo

If you’re not familiar with Baby Shark, it is a popular children’s song and nursery rhyme about a family of sharks created by the South Korean education brand Pinkfong. The song became extremely popular in 2018 when a video of the song went viral on social media. And Many people performed its dance moves. The song and its associated media have been turned into a TV show and various merchandise such as toys and clothing.


The Kurri Island font family, with its versatility and high-quality collection of fonts, can enhance any design project. It’s an ideal choice for designers targeting children or anyone who wants to add a playful touch to their work. The font offers a range of styles and extensive lingual support. This makes it a flexible and practical option for various applications, including advertising, branding, and marketing. Designers can utilize Kurri Island to create effective and eye-catching designs that stand out from the crowd.

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