Six Caps Font

by FMTeam

“Six Caps” is a sans-serif typeface designed by Vernon Adams. The font is known for its highly condensed letterforms, which give it a distinctive look and feel.

The tight spacing and normalization of classic grotesque display letters make it a popular choice for headlines, titles, and other display purposes, where a bold and impactful font is desired. The font’s clean and modern appearance makes it a versatile choice for various design projects, including print and digital design, branding, and advertising. Its minimalistic design also makes it well-suited for use in technology and innovation-related projects, where a sleek and modern look is desired.

This is an uppercase font only. If you use the [shift] key with any character, the character will appear larger than other characters as shown in the below image.

The “Six Caps” font is licensed under the Open Font License (OFL), which allows for the use of the font in both commercial and non-commercial projects. The OFL is a free, libre, and open-source license that permits the use, sharing, modification, and redistribution of the font in any form.

Note: This font is also listed in the Google fonts library.

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Font Information At a Glance

Family NameSix Caps
Units Pre EM2048
VersionVersion 001.000
Unique Font Identifiervernonadams: Six Caps: 2010
PostScript NameSixCaps
CopyrightCopyright (c) 2010 by vernon adams. All rights reserved.
TrademarkSix Caps is a trademark of vernon adams.
DesignerVernon adams
URLGoogle fonts profile
Characters RangesLatin 1, US Roman

Variation or Similar Font

There are some fonts that may be helpful to you on your projects that are similar to Six Caps Font.

1. OL Movie Title Gothic by Dennis Ortiz-Lopez


2. ITC Roswell by ITC


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