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Splatoon font is a typeface used in the game called Splatoon. The Splatoon game logo uses this custom-designed font. It features rounded letterforms with thick, swirly outlines that give it a cheerful and colorful appearance.

You can download the Splatoon and Splatoon 2 fonts directly from Nentendo’s SplatNet 2 app.

Splatoon Font

Splatoon 1 Font Character map

Splatoon 2 Font

Splatoon 2 Font Character map

What is Splatoon?


Splatoon is a popular third-person shooter video game franchise. It has gained a massive following since its debut in 2015. Hisashi Nogami created the game franchise, and Nintendo developed and owned it. The series revolves around a cast of fictional cephalopods known as Inklings and Octolings, based on real-life squids and octopuses.

Similar fonts to the Splatoon font

After some research, we also found three more fonts similar to the Splatoon font. They are Foo font, Inkling font, and Shadow Gothic font.

Foo Font

Foo Font Character map

The Splatoon font inspired the Foo font. Ray Larabie designed this font. You can see the similarities between them in our comparison image. So, check it out now in our generator and download it for free from the link below!

Inkling Font

Inkling Font Character map

Eli Fessler created the Inkling font based on the characters found in the game. The font is used for dialogue in the game, but you can also see it on in-game gear and Sunken Scrolls. The Inkling language, also known as Squid language, is the fictional language used by the Inklings in the Splatoon series.

Showcard Gothic Font

Showcard Gothic Font Character map

In terms of the similarities between Showcard Gothic and the Splatoon font, both fonts have a vibrant and playful aesthetic, with exaggerated stroke weights and a bold appearance. Splatoon has rounded and whimsical letterforms, and thick and swirly outlines, while Showcard Gothic has sharper, angular letterforms with a slanted baseline. Even though there are some similarities between the two, each has a distinctive design that sets it apart.

Splatoon Font Generator


Splatoon is a colorful font you can download and use in your design. And if you are looking for more fonts like this then please check out our other fonts like Austin PowersKill Bill, and Dungeons and Dragons font.

Thank you!

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