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If you are a fan of Pixar films, then you definitely know Toy Story. The Toy Story franchise is a Disney Pixar animated film series that made our childhoods happy and colorful. So many of us want to know what font was used on the poster of this film. And today we will talk about Toy Story Font.

So What Font Was Used In Toy Story?

The original Toy Story logo was designed in 1995 for the first movie of the Toy Story franchise. It features the words “Toy Story” in bold, yellow, capital letters with a red cowboy hat placed on the top of the letter “Y.” The logo is playful and represents the fun and adventure that the movie promises.

The font used in the Toy Story title name was probably a custom-made hand-drawn font and isn’t available to the public. Therefore, Disney has the sole copyright to use it on merchandise. But after some careful research, we have found some that look very similar to this font.

You can use these fonts for your brochure, headline, invitation, or any other design project that you desire. We hope these three Toy Story-inspired fonts will benefit those who are looking for them.

Gill Sans Bold

Fans and designers alike find Gill Sans Bold font most similar to Toy Story. It is a Sans-Serif font designed by Eric Gill and published by Monotype. Many believed the Toy Story logo was inspired by this font. It’s a free font. So if you wanna learn more about this font and download it, please click on the link below.

SF Slapstick Comic Font

Toy Story logo vs SF Slapstick Comic Font Comparison Example

Our top recommendation is the SF Slapstick comic font. Because this font is closest to the Toy Story logo in design and lettering. This font was designed by ShyFonts and is free for personal use. So, download it now by clicking below and start using it already.

Agent Orange

Toy Story logo vs Agent Orange Font Comparison Example

Agent Orange is one of the fonts that is closest to the Toy Story logo. As you can see, it shares some similarities, in lettering and bold type. This font is designed by Pizzadude and you can use it free for personal use. You can download it from us by clicking the link below!

Font Generator

Toy Story Font View

Gill Sans Font
SF Slapstick Comic Font


The Toy Story series has captured the hearts of many with its playful and adventurous storytelling. Although the font used for the logo is a custom-made hand-drawn font, we have found some similar fonts, such as Gill Sans Bold, SF Slapstick Comic Font, and Agent Orange, that can be used in design projects. These Toy Story-inspired fonts are free for personal use and can bring a touch of childhood nostalgia to any design.

And if you are looking for more fonts, check out our Schitt’s Creek, Soul Train, and Six Caps fonts.

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