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The Tron movie franchise, known for its futuristic and digital aesthetic, has inspired various fonts that resemble the logos of the films.


Here are some key details about these fonts:


  • Designer: Paul Albers
  • Description: An exact match to the original “Tron” movie logo from 1982.
  • Availability: Free for personal use.

Tron Legacy UC Font

  • Designer: “smallbar”
  • Description: Resembles the logo of the “TRON: Legacy” movie.
  • Availability: Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike license.

TR2N Font

  • Description: Similar to the “TRON: Legacy” movie logo, includes all characters used in the movie.
  • Availability: Free for personal use, but commercial use may require a license.
  • Designer: Jeff Bell

TRON Font Generator

For those interested in using these fonts, they offer a way to incorporate the iconic style of the Tron universe into various designs, whether for personal or commercial projects (with proper licensing). The fonts capture the sleek and futuristic essence of the Tron movies’ branding and logos.

Explore our range of fonts, such as Godfather, Netflix, Captain Marvel and Aquaman – you won’t want to miss them!


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