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We the People is a handwritten font based on the preamble to the US Constitution. Created by K-Type, a UK-based independent type foundry, this font has become a popular choice for historical and patriotic projects.

The Back-slanted Style

The font has a distinctive back-slanted style that mimics the original document. This was transcribed onto parchment by Jacob Shallus, a Pennsylvania Assistant Clerk, in 1787. This gives the font a unique and authentic appearance that is perfect for projects related to US history and government.

We the people font vs We the people American Constitution similarity

We The People Font Features

We the People is a blackletter font with a large X-height and decorative appearance. It is based on German Text and Square Text exemplars from George Bickham’s penmanship copy-books and includes some alternates, such as a Bickham-style W, the letters t, h, and n with added flourishes, and two simpler forms of the A. The font also has ornamental flourishes and a round middle dot/decimal point.

Where to Use This Font

We the People is a versatile font that can be used for various projects. It is perfect for historical or patriotic projects, such as posters, flyers, banners, logos, invitations, certificates, or labels. you can use it for artistic or creative purposes, such as headlines, titles, quotes, or signatures. It can enhance any design with elegance, tradition, and heritage.

We The People Font Generator

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We The People Font Character
We The People Font Symbols

Similar Fonts

If you’re looking for similar fonts to We the People, some options include:

  • American Scribe by Three Islands Press: A font that simulates Timothy Matlack’s handwriting, who wrote the Declaration of Independence.
  • P22 Declaration by P22 Type Foundry: A font based on Thomas Jefferson and John Adams’ handwriting, who drafted the Declaration of Independence.
  • Liberty Script by Harold’s Fonts: A font derived from Thomas Jefferson’s handwriting on his rough draft of the Declaration of Independence.
  • Old English Text by Monotype: A classic blackletter font widely used for formal and ceremonial purposes.

In Summary

We the People is a font that pays tribute to the United States Foundation. Its unique appearance and versatile use make it a great choice for designers and history enthusiasts.

Furthermore, if you would like to download other similar style fonts, you can check out our other font offerings including Willy WonkaStar Born, and Crispy Tofu fonts now!

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