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The Air Jordan logo and marketing use the Air Jordan Font. But what is Air Jordan? Michael Jordan, often called the greatest basketball player of all time, created the Air Jordan brand in collaboration with Nike. It is a brand of basketball shoes and athletic apparel. He also starred in Hollywood movie called Space Jam.

The brand was launched in 1984 with the release of the Air Jordan 1. This revolutionary shoe featured a red and black color scheme that violated NBA uniform policy at the time. It has been an instant hit with millions of fans worldwide.

What Font is Used in the Air Jordan Logo?

The Air Jordan logo is called the Jumpman logo. It depicts Michael Jordan soaring for a slam dunk. The logo was first used on the Air Jordan 3 in 1988 and has been featured on every Air Jordan model since then.

Air jordan logo vs Haettenschweiler font similarity example

They used the Haettenschweiler font to create the Jordan logo. This sans-serif font is very bold and condensed. Walter Haettenschweiler designed and published the font for a book called Lettera, which is a collection of font designs. Currently, Microsoft owns the font, so commercial use requires purchase.

Air jordan logo vs OPTICompit Regular font similarity example

While Haettenschweiler was used to create the Air Jordan font, it is not readily available for free. However, we discovered some similar fonts that can help you achieve the same result. There are two fonts here: Opticompit-Regularr and Anton.

Air jordan logo vs Anton font similarity example

Jersey 23 Font

Another iconic element of Air Jordan is the number 23, which was Michael Jordan’s jersey number for most of his career. The number 23 has been used on many Air Jordan products, such as shoes, clothing, and accessories.

The jersey font is custom-made. But if you’re looking for a similar style, the Atlanta College font is a fantastic option. It is a slab serif typeface with a vintage and athletic feel. Graphic Sauce designed this font.

Air Jordan Font Generator

Want to see how your text would look in the Air Jordan font? Check out our Air Jordan font generator! You can type in your text, select the font, and customize it by adjusting the size, color, and background. The generator provides a real-time preview of the changes, and you can download both the customized preview and the font itself.


Air Jordan is a symbol of excellence tied to Michael Jordan’s legacy. The logo’s bold and distinctive font style has become synonymous with the Air Jordan brand. Whether you’re a fan or a designer, you can use the fonts in our mention to create your perfect Jordan-themed designs. You can also use the font generator to see the font for free!

And if you liked this font and looking for more basketball-related fonts then please check out Miami Heat, Lakers, and Yeezy fonts now.

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