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The Boys font is used in the logo of the popular The Boys TV show. The Boys is a popular Amazon Prime TV show based on the comic book series of the same name by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. The show follows a group of vigilantes who fight against corrupt superheroes who abuse their powers and fame. The show has received critical acclaim for its dark humor, action, and satire of the superhero genre.

The Boys presents a unique take on the superhero genre, exploring a world where superheroes, under corporate control, often misuse their powers. One of the distinctive features of the show is its logo. They used Charlie Don’t Surf! Font for The Boys poster logo.

The Boys TV Show logo vs Charlie Don't Surf Font Similarity Example

About The Fonts

Charlie Don’t Surf is a grungy and distorted typeface that reflects the show’s gritty and violent nature. Jun Kohanero in 2014 designed and published this font for free!


Another font related to the show is Homelander, a custom typeface named after the main antagonist of the show. Homelander is a parody of Superman, a powerful and patriotic superhero who is secretly a sociopath and a tyrant.

You can use them to create a logo, poster, banner, or meme. And you can use The Boys font to make your design stand out and convey your message with flair.

The Boys Font Generator

If you’re interested in using The Boys font in your projects, check out our free online font generator. Simply type your text into the generator and select the font you want to try.

The generator will then preview your text in the font. You can also download the font file to your computer to use it in your design projects.

About The Boys Font Meme

The Boys meme is a viral edit of a meme shared on social media. It uses The Boys Font and a song called “Bones” by Imagine Dragons in a funny or unlucky clip. You can watch the YouTube short to learn the origin of the boys meme.

To create your own The Boys-themed designs, follow these steps. Pick a video editor that supports memes. You can use your image or video or choose from their templates. Just add text, images, audio, filters, transitions, and more to your meme. You can download and choose Charlie Don’t Surf! You can change the font and settings as you like. To make meme designs, watch the video below.


The Boys font is very popular worldwide, just like the show. It has gained fame for designs and even meme ideas. So, if you want to join the action, download Charlie Don’t Surf now! You can also check out the font in our font generator.

If you liked this font and looking for similar fonts then try our Golden Girls, Better Call Saul, Attack On Titan, and Yeezy fonts.

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