VCR OSD Mono Font

by Editorial Staff

VCR OSD Mono Font is a retro typeface based on the style of the on-screen display of old VCRs and TVs in the 80s. It is a pixelated and monospaced font with a low-resolution and glitchy look. Riciery Leal designed and published this font based on the Pixel LCD-7 Font by Style-7. Now let’s talk about its characteristics and uses.

VCR OSD Mono Font Characteristics and Usage

Do you remember the old days when you watched movies on VCRs, VHS, and TVs? The days when the screen showed a distorted and pixelated display with the date, time, channel, and other information? The days when video quality was not as important as content? Well, the VCR OSD Mono font was designed to give a nostalgic feel just like them.

VCR OSD Mono font’s pixelated and digital aesthetic makes it a great choice for gaming interfaces, tech-related content, and any design where a retro, digital touch is desired. But remember this font isn’t free. So you need a purchase a license to use this font.

However, if you don’t want to download or install anything on your computer, you can check it out on our free font generator below.

Font View

VCR OSD Mono Font Characters View

VCR OSD Mono Font Generator

Experiment with our VCR OSD Mono font generator! Type in your text, select the font, adjust the size, color, and background, and customize it to your liking. This generator provides a real-time preview of the changes, allowing you to download both the customized preview and the font itself.


VCR OSD Mono is an elegant, retro font that adds a digital, nostalgic touch to your designs. Its versatility and distinctive look make it a valuable asset for designers looking to stand out. Whether you’re working on tech-related content or gaming interfaces, or just want to add a retro touch to your projects, VCR OSD Mono is a font worth considering. We suggest you look at other fonts like Mickey MouseFrozen, and Waltograph.

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