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Welcome to a new way of writing that is fun and cool! Are you looking for the Rolling Stone font used in the famous music magazine? Because the font looks strong and exciting, just like rock ‘n’ roll music. It has smooth lines and sharp edges, making it look classic and modern at the same time. You want to use this font to express yourself and get noticed. Then get ready to rock with the amazing Rolling Stone font!

What Font Did They Use in Rolling Stone?

Prepare to rock your words with the famous Rolling Stone font! You’ve seen it in bold red lettering on Rolling Stone magazine‘s official logo. This is a custom serif typeface that takes inspiration from fonts like Claremont RR Extra Bold Italic, ITC Bookman Demi Bold Italic, and Bookmania Black Italic while adding unique modifications to make it stand out.

Regarding visuals, Rolling Stone embraces an intense scarlet red color. This vibrant hue symbolizes passion, power, and energy. Since it’s a custom font, it is copyrighted by Rolling Stone Magazine Company. But no worries!

Rolling Stone Magazine logo vs Royal Acidbath font similarity example

We discovered a font that looks very similar to it: Royal Acidbath font. The logo of the magazine inspired Sharkshock to design the font.

Royal Acidbath Font

Royal Acidbath is a groovy serif font created by Sharkshock. It has a vintage style and a charming appearance. This font has solid and outlined versions, available in uppercase and lowercase letters, with limited punctuation marks. It is free for personal use only. So download rolling stone font free now!

Rolling Stone Free Font Generator And Download

Make your design look cool with the Rolling Stone Font Generator! Change your text to the same font as the Rolling Stone magazine. It’s fun and easy to do and makes your words more exciting. Pick the color you like for your text. Have fun with the Rolling Stone Font Generator!

If you would like to download other similar style fonts, you can check out our other font offerings including Willy WonkaStar Born, and Crispy Tofu fonts now!

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Rolling Stone Font Character
Rolling Stone Font Symbols

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