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Jumanji is a popular movie franchise that started in 1995 with the original film starring Robin Williams. These movies are known for their thrilling action, humor, and fantasy elements. One of the most recognizable aspects of the movies is the Jumanji logo, which appears on their movie posters. If you’re a fan or a designer looking for Jumanji font then you have come to the right place!

Today we will tell you about Jumanji movies, Jumanji font and provide you with an option to download it. Now let’s dive in.

The Jumanji Story

Jumanji is a movie series that is based on the children’s books Jumanji and Zathura by Chris Van Allsburg. The movies are about a magical board game that transports the players to different worlds full of dangers and challenges. Action, humor, and fantasy elements characterize the movies.

The Jumanji movie series consists of four movies and an animated TV show. The first movie was released in 1995 and starred Robin Williams. The second movie was released in 2005 and was a spin-off based on Zathura. The third and fourth movies were released in 2017 and 2019 and starred Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and Karen Gillan. The animated TV show aired from 1996 to 1999 and followed the adventures of two kids who played the game.

What Font is Jumanji?

Jumanji logo is not actually a font, but a custom design created by the movie makers. However, there is a font that looks similar to the Jumanji logo, called Jungle Law. Joanna Vu designed and published this bold sans-serif font. It features only all cap uppercase. Jungle Law is a free font that you can download and use for any project.

Jumanji Logo vs Jungle Law font similarity example

Font Usage

It is suitable for projects that are related to themes like jungle, adventure, fantasy, action, humor, or anything that needs a touch of magic and mystery. Jumanji font can also work well with other simple and elegant fonts.

You can use the Jungle Law font for various purposes, such as logos, posters, banners, flyers, invitations, cards, stickers, labels, and more.

Jumanji Font Generator

Check out our Jumanji Font Generator. Our powerful font generator lets you type in your text, select the font, and customize it by adjusting the size, color, and background. You’ll get a real-time preview of the changes, and you can download both the customized preview and the font itself.

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Jumanji font All caps character


Jumanji is a fun and exciting movie franchise that has captivated audiences for decades. The Jumanji logo is one of the most iconic aspects of the movies, and it has a unique and exotic style. If you want to use a font that resembles the Jumanji logo, you can download the Jungle Law font for free and use it for your projects.

We hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new about Jumanji and its font. Thank you for reading!

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