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Burger King is a popular fast-food chain that has been around for over 60 years. The company’s logo is one of the most recognizable in the world, and its distinctive font has become synonymous with the brand. If you are a fan of the fast food chain Burger King, you might have noticed the changes in its logo over the years. Now let us tell you about Burger King Font.

Burger King font is a custom font created by Burger King, the company that operates the fast food chain. Here’s an update on Burger King and its rebranding and fonts that resemble its logo.

Old Burger King Logo Font

Old Burger King Logo VS Insaniburger font similarity example

Insaniburger is a replica of the font used by Burger King for its logo from 1969 to 1999. Adam Nerland designed this font in 2005. Insaniburger is a sans-serif font that has a bold and rounded look, with some letters slightly slanted. It is suitable for various purposes, such as logos, headlines, banners, posters, labels, stickers, and more.

New Burger King Logo Font and Rebranding

Burger King rebranding is the process of changing the logo, design, and food of the fast food chain to attract more customers and improve its reputation. It rebranded for the first time in over 20 years in 2021, with a new logo that resembles its classic one from 1969 to 1999. The updated logo features the brand name between two buns, with a simple and rounded font. The rebranding also includes new uniforms, store designs, and packaging that use natural colors and patterns.

New Burger King Logo VS Flame font similarity example

A new font called Flame was part of the fast-food giant’s significant brand identity changes. This font is a modern take on the classical typeface the brand is known for. Colophon Foundry designed this font. Flame Font comes in: Bold and Regular, as well as Flame Sans in a single Regular weight. It is suitable for various purposes, such as logos, headlines, banners, posters, labels, stickers, and more.

Though the font is a bold move in rebranding it has received mixed reactions. Some people preferred the old design from the Insaniburger. But others welcomed the new font in the logo. Regardless, it is here to stay for sure.

Burger King Font Generator

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Burger King’s logo and font have evolved over the years, reflecting the changes in the fast food chain’s brand identity. During the twentieth century, Inasaniburger font became part of its classical era. The latest rebranding in 2021 introduced a new font called Flame. The new font is part of a larger makeover that aims to improve the brand’s image and quality.

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