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Evermore Font is the typeface used on Taylor Swift’s Evermore Album. She is one of this era’s most popular and influential singers and songwriters. She has released nine studio albums, each with a distinctive style and sound. Her latest album, Evermore, was a surprise release on December 11, 2020, less than five months after her eighth album, Folklore. Swift described Evermore as a sister record to Folklore, as both albums explore escapism, storytelling, and imagination themes. Now, let’s talk about the Evermore Font used in her album.

What Font Did Taylor Swift Use For Her Evermore Album?

Taylor Swift used IM Fell DW Pica font on her Evermore album cover logo. IM Fell DW Pica is a serif font with a classic and elegant style. It is based on a typeface created in the 17th century by Peter de Walpergen. Peter was a type-founder who worked for John Fell, bishop of Oxford, and a printing patron. The font was part of Fell’s collection bequeathed to Oxford University in 1686. The font was digitally revived by Igino Marini, who made it free for personal use.

Taylor Swift Evermore Album logo vs IM Fell DW Pica font similarity example

The choice of IM Fell DW Pica Italic version for the “Evermore” album resonates with the album’s themes of reflection, nostalgia, and storytelling. Its classic design adds depth to the album’s visuals, making it memorable and instantly recognizable.

Interestingly, Taylor Swift’s subsequent album, “Folklore,” also adopted the Im Fell DW Pica font, creating a connection between the two albums. This font also contrasts with the modern and minimal style of Swift’s previous albums, such as Lover and Reputation.

Alternative Font

Evermore Font

Interestingly, there is another font called Evermore. This font was designed by Darrell Flood and published by Hawtpixel. However, this font has no relation to Taylor Swift and her Evermore Album.

Evermore Font Generator

Are you curious to see how your text would look in Evermore style? Dive into our Evermore Font Generator. It’s a powerful tool that lets you visualize your text as part of an album cover. Customize the font size, color, and background, and get a real-time preview of the changes.

Font View

Evermore Font Characters View

Concluding The Story,

Evermore font is inspired by Taylor Swift’s ninth album, Evermore. The name “evermore” is written in the IM Fell DW Pica font. You can check out our Evermore font generator if you want to use the Evermore font for your project. You can also download the fonts for free! So why wait? Add them to your collection now!

Thank you for reading. We hope this article has been helpful in your search for the perfect font! And if you’re looking for more fonts, then please check out Speak Now, Reputation, Harry P Font, Twilight Font, and Game of Thrones Font. Thank you for reading!

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