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Backwoods Font is a custom font created for the Backwoods Cigar Company. If you are a fan of the Backwoods cigar brand, you might have noticed their distinctive logo that uses the font. The logo is a custom design that is unavailable as a font. However, there is a similar font that you can use to create your own Backwoods-inspired designs.

The font is called Aka Posse. In this article, we will discuss this font and tell you how to use the font generator and download the font.

Backwoods logo vs Aka Posse Font similarity example

What is the Aka Posse Font?

The Aka Posse font is a free font created by James Milligan for AkaType in 2005. Old Western posters and signs inspire the font, and it has a bold appearance. It has high contrast between thick and thin strokes and sharp edges and corners. The font also has decorative elements such as spurs and swashes.

Aka Posse font is suitable for various purposes, such as logos, headlines, posters, banners, stickers, and more. It can convey excitement, adventure, and personality.

What is the Backwoods Cigar Brand?

Backwoods is an American cigar brand introduced in 1973. All-natural tobacco with no homogenized components forms the cigars, and a genuine Broadleaf wrapper that ages for one year brings out its natural sweetness. The cigars are marketed as mild and flavorful and come in various flavors such as Honey, honeyberry, Honey Bourbon, Dark Stout, Russian Cream, and Black Russian.

The brand is known for its heavy advertising during the 1970s and 1980s, targeting outdoorsmen and similar groups. The ads featured men climbing mountains, fishing, hunting, and doing other adventurous activities, with the slogan “If you ever wanted to, you’re a natural Backwoods man”. The ads also emphasized the natural and wild aspects of the cigars, as well as their smooth and mild taste.

Font View

Backwoods Aka Posse Font Characters View
Aka Posse Font Symbols

Backwoods Font Generator

If you want to see how Backwoods font design will look with Aka Posse font, try our Backwoods Font Generator! It is free and easy to use. With our font generator, you can download both the image and the font for free!

To use the Backwoods font generator, follow these steps:

  • Type in your text in the box below “Enter your text here”.
  • Choose the Aka Posse font from the drop-down menu below “Select Font”.
  • Adjust the text size by dragging the slider.
  • Change the text color by clicking on the color picker.
  • Change the background color by clicking on the Background Picker.
  • Click on “Download” to save the preview image as a PNG file.
  • Click on “Download Font” to download the Aka Posse font.

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Concluding The Story

With its rich history and distinctive design, Backwoods font stands as a testament to the power of typography in branding. While the exact font remains exclusive to the Backwoods company, alternatives like Aka Posse offer designers a chance to capture a similar vibe. Whether you’re a cigar enthusiast or a designer, the Backwoods font’s story is a reminder of the intricate dance between product and design.

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