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If you are a fan of the fashion brand Off-White, founded by the designer and DJ Virgil Abloh, you might have noticed the distinctive font used for the logo and the products. The font is called Off White, and it’s a minimalist and elegant typeface that can add some sophistication and style to your design.

The Off White font is a custom typeface created by designer Virgil Abloh, who is also Louis Vuitton’s creative director. The font is based on another font called Helvetica Bold. This is a classic sans-serif font with a clean and simple appearance.

Off White Logo vs Helvetica Bold Font

That logo font is a modified version of Helvetica Bold, with some changes to make it more unique and recognizable.

Where to Use It

People use Helvetica Bold for various purposes and projects as a versatile typeface. It’s especially suitable for creating logos, headlines, labels, tags, stickers, packaging, and other branding materials that convey a sense of luxury, exclusivity, and modernity. You can use it for various purposes. For example, web design, social media, magazines, posters, and other media that have a minimalist or contemporary aesthetic.

Off-White Font Generator


The Off White font is a minimalist and elegant typeface that can make your design look more sophisticated and stylish. It’s a font that can express luxury, exclusivity, and modernity. Whether you use it for logos or headlines, this font can add some flair and charm to your design.

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