American Horror Story Font

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If you’re a fan of ‘American Horror Story’ and seeking something unique, we have good news! We have found the font that matches the font in the show’s logo. We have got three fonts for you! So, sit tight and learn about these fonts and where to download them.

The American Horror Story Show

American Horror Story (AHS) is a renowned anthology television series that originated from the creative minds of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. Each season of the show features a unique storyline, setting, and set of characters while maintaining a recurring ensemble cast.

The series debuted in 2011 and has since aired multiple seasons, with a new theme explored in each one. Some themes covered in American Horror Story include haunted houses, asylums, witches, freak shows, hotels, cults, and apocalypse scenarios. The show blends elements of horror, drama, supernatural, and thriller genres.

ITC Willow

American horror Story logo vs ITC willow font similarity example

ITC Willow is used in the logo and other media and merchandise for American Horror Story. They use a very simplified version of this font. Tony Forster created ITC Willow in 1990. It is based on the artistic style of the Scottish Arts and Crafts movement, influenced by Jessie Marion King and Charles Rennie Mackintosh. The font has a condensed sans serif shape with rough edges and various alternate and ligature characters.

American Horror Story Font

American horror Story logo vs American Horror Story font similarity example

KELGE Fonts create this American Horror Story Font. It is inspired by the distinct typography showcased in the AHS television series. This font isn’t a replica of ITC Willow but shows the show’s spirit. This font is available in Regular and Promo. So, do check it out now!

Hill House

American horror Story logo vs Hill House font similarity example

Hill House font is a typeface inspired by the handwriting of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, a Scottish architect, and designer. Jon Hicks, a graphic designer, released this font. He released it as a public domain font in 2003. Just like the American horror story font, this font resembles the logo of the AHS show. Since it’s public, this font is free to use anywhere.

American Horror Story Free Font Generator

In Conclusion,

We have excellent options if you’re a fan of ‘American Horror Story’ and want to incorporate its distinctive font into your projects. ITC Willow, American Horror Story Font, and Hill House are great options! Whether you’re designing posters, book covers, or any project with a touch of horror, these fonts provide the perfect finishing touch. Download these fonts and embrace the American Horror Story macabre allure in your creative endeavors.

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Thank you for reading!

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