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Dodgers Font is the logo of the Los Angeles Dodgers, a professional baseball team based in Los Angeles, California. It features thick and angular letters, with sharp edges and curves. It is perfect for logos, headlines, posters, banners, jerseys, and more.

Catchland and Dattermatter Fonts

Dodgers Font is not the only font that is inspired by the Los Angeles Dodgers logo. There are also other fonts that have a similar style and vibe. Two of them are Catchland and Dattermatter Fonts.

dodgers logo vs Catchland Font Similarity example

Catchland Font is a display font that was created by Iconian Fonts in 2019. It is also inspired by the Los Angeles Dodgers logo, but it has some differences. It has more styles to choose from, such as regular, italic, bold, outline, 3D, laser, chrome, gradient, college, and college italic.

dodgers logo vs DatterMatter Font Similarity example

Dattermatter Font is a display font that was created by Chequered Ink in 2018. It is also inspired by the Los Angeles Dodgers logo, but it has some differences from Dodgers Font.

Dodgers Font Generator

Similar Fonts

If you like the font, you might also like other fonts with a similar style and vibe. Here are some examples:

  • Sportrop: Vladimir Nikolic created Sportrop, a display font, in 2017. It has a retro feel inspired by sports logos. It features thick and slanted letters with rounded edges and curves.
  • Jersey M54: Muhammad Ridha Agusni created Jersey M54, a display font, in 2010. It has a modern feel inspired by sports jerseys. It features thin and straight letters with sharp edges and angles.
  • Sporting Grotesque: Lucas Le Bihan created Sporting Grotesque, a display font, in 2015. It has a vintage feel inspired by sports grotesque fonts from the early 20th century.


Dodgers Font is a sporty and dynamic typeface that can make your designs stand out. It has many benefits that can enhance your designs. You can use the Font Generator to preview how your texts will look in Dodgers Font. You can also explore some other fonts that are similar.

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