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If you are a fan of European football, you have probably seen the distinctive logo of the UEFA Champions League. It is the most prestigious club competition in the world. The logo features a star-shaped ball with the words “UEFA Champions League” written in a sleek and modern font.

What Font is Used in the Champions League?

The Champions League has used a modified version of the ITC Novarese font. Aldo Novarese designed this serif font and ITC published it. But it isn’t a free font so you can’t use it for commercial purposes. However, there is another font that is available for free and it is called Champions Bold. It is inspired by the logo of Champions league.

Champions League Font vs ITC Novarese font similarity example

Champions Bold

Champions League Font vs Champions Bold font similarity example

Champions Bold is a custom-made typeface that belongs to the FF DIN family. It is a popular sans-serif font that is widely used in corporate and media design. This font has a geometric and clean appearance, with rounded corners and slightly curved strokes. It conveys a sense of dynamism, elegance and professionalism.

You can use Champions Bold for various purposes. Such as creating your own logos, posters, banners, flyers, invitations, headlines, captions and more. You can also use it to write texts related to football or sports in general, as it has a good legibility and readability.

Champions League Font Generator

If you want to create your own texts or designs using Champions Bold, but don’t have access to the original font file, you can use a Champions League font generator. This is an online tool that allows you to type any text and see what it looks like in Champions Bold. You can also adjust the text size, color, and background according to your own taste.


Champions Bold is the name of the font used for the UEFA Champions League logo. It is a custom-made typeface that belongs to the FF DIN family and has a geometric and clean appearance. You can use it for various purposes related to football or sports, but you should respect UEFA’s intellectual property rights and avoid any unauthorized or illegal use of the font.

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