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What is Schitt’s Creek?

Schitt’s Creek is an award-winning Canadian sitcom that debuted on CBC Television in 2015 and later aired on the American cable network Pop TV.

In Schitt’s Creek Font Title, what font was used?

The title uses the iconic Linotype Didot Bold typeface, designed by Adrian Frutiger for the Linotype Foundry. It has 7 font styles. It’s the Didot Bold that is very similar to the Schitt’s Creek words. While the Didot font is not available for free, you can purchase a font license and download it here.

Want to use Schitt’s Creek free fonts instead of purchasing them? Then we’ve got a few fonts just for you! After careful analysis and research, we have found some fonts that are similar to the Linotype Didot font. The fonts are Bodidota, Theano Didot Regular, and Bodoni Normal. Let’s dive in and discuss them.

Bodidota Font

Bodidota Font

Bodidota is a Sans-Serif font designed by M. Klien and published in 2005. You can see how similar it is to the “Schitt’s Creek” logo. From the lettering to the width and height, it’s almost the same. This font has 228 glyphs as well as special characters. It comes in TTF files, and it’s free for personal use. You can get it right now by clicking the link below, and you can start using it right away!

Schitts Creek show logo vs Bodidota font comparison

Theano Didot Regular Font


Theano Didot Regular Font is another sans-serif font that is very similar to the show logo. Its letters also share the same similarity except for the word “S” having a smaller head and bigger tail. Additionally, this font is available in three styles. They are Theano Didot Regular, Theano Modern Regular, and Theano Old Style. You can download this free font by clicking on the link below!

Schitts-Creek-show-logo vs Theano Didot Regular font comparison

Bodoni-Normal Font

Bodoni Normal Font

Bodoni-Normal is the font that shares a striking resemblance in lettering and shape to Schitt’s Creek. You can see that very well in the photo. This font has 399 glyphs and 394 characters. So get this sans-serif font now from our link!

Schitts Creek show logo vs Bodoni Normal font comparison

Font Generator

Schitt’s Creek View

Bodidota Font Character map
Theano Didot Font Character map
Bodoni Font Character map


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