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If you are looking for the Persona 5 font, you’ve come to the right place! And Persona 5 is a popular video game released in 2016 by Atlus. It is the sixth installment in the Persona series, a spin-off of the Megami Tensei franchise. The game follows a group of high school students who live dual lives as Phantom Thieves. They use their supernatural abilities to change corrupt adults’ hearts in a metaverse called the Palace.

One of Persona 5’s distinctive features is its font. It is used in the logo, the menu, the dialogue, and the interface. The font reflects the game’s theme of rebellion, freedom, and individuality. And today, we will discuss this font and tell you everything about it.

What Font Did They Use in Persona 5?

Persona 5 font is not a single font but a combination of different fonts customized and modified to suit the game’s aesthetic. The main font used in the video game is the P5 Hatty font, designed by Hatty Mikune. In gaming circles and forums, the P5 Hatty font is the most discussed. And for the logo and the menu, they used a custom font created by Atlus specifically for Persona 5. The P5 logo in Persona 5 is based on Markin LT Ultra Bold but with some changes and customization.

The font used for the dialogue and the interface is Rodin, a sans-serif font designed by Akira Kobayashi and published by Monotype in 2009. Rodin is a versatile and modern font in various weights and styles. It is also used for Persona 5’s Japanese version, along with Arial Bold Italic for the logo.

Persona 5 fonts used in Persona 5 game

The subtitles and credits font is Expose Regular. This is a condensed sans-serif font designed by Tobias Frere-Jones and published by Font Bureau in 1997. The font used for combat messages and status effects is Heavy Heap, a grunge font designed by Typodermic Fonts in 2006. Tarrot Cards, Helvetica, Optima Nova Black, Persona 5 Menu, and many other fonts were used based on who you asked.

Persona 5 fonts choices are not an accident. They add to the game’s noir-themed world, enhancing the overall user experience. The fonts are versatile, suitable for both headers and body copy, and encompass all Latin characters, punctuation, special characters, and numbers. You can download all of these fonts from our website for free. If you are looking for a game font, you can watch the YouTube video below. Follow the step-by-step process and download them easily.

Persona 5 Font Generator

If you want to use the Persona 5 font for your projects, you can easily do so with our Persona 5 Font Generator. Our Persona 5 Font Generator is a powerful tool that allows you to see how your text looks in different fonts related to Persona 5. You can type your text, select the font, and customize it by adjusting the size, color, and background. Get real-time previews and download both the customized preview and the font.


Persona 5 game has an elegant and captivating font that reflects its theme and mood. Persona 5 fonts are a combination of different fonts that have been customized and modified to create a dynamic and stylish appearance. You can use these fonts for various projects inspired by Persona 5 or with a similar vibe. You can use our Persona 5 Font Generator to easily create your text with the fonts and download them for free.

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