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Hot Wheels Font

Hot Wheels Font

If you are a fan of toy cars, you might be familiar with Hot Wheels, a brand of toy automobiles that Mattel Toys manufacture. Hot Wheels cars have been popular as toys and collector items since 1968. But have you ever wondered what font is used for Hot Wheels’ logo?

The Hot Wheels logo font was designed using a font similar to Heavy Heap, developed by Typodermic Fonts. Heavy Heap is a groovy psychedelic typeface on fire! It has a scorching look reminiscent of 1960s hot-rod culture and die-cast toy vehicles.

Hot Wheels Logo vs Heavy Heap Font similarity example

Heavy Heap Font Features

Heavy Heap is a groovy psychedelic typeface. It is available in three sizzling weights: regular, bold, and black. It also includes blistering mathematical symbols, torrid OpenType fractions, and a range of searing hot currency symbols. The font is available in uppercase letters, numbers, diacritical letters, and limited punctuation marks. This font is free for personal use.

Where to Use Heavy Heap Font

This font is perfect for any design that needs a retro and funky style but still has a luxurious touch. You can use it for logos, posters, flyers, headlines, banners, stickers, labels, signs, etc. It shines in hot color schemes and looks outstanding with warp and envelope effects.

Hot Wheels Font Generator

Font View

Hot Wheels Font Character
Hot Wheels Font Symbols

Similar Fonts

If you like the Heavy Heap font but want to explore other options, here are some similar fonts that you might like:

  • Hot Rod Gang by Font Diner: A bouncy and playful font inspired by 1950s car culture and rockabilly music.
  • Hot Pizza by Hanoded: A spicy and cheesy font that looks like melted cheese on a pizza crust.
  • Hot Mustard BTN by Breaking the Norm: A bold and condensed font with a vintage diner vibe.
  • Hot Tamale by Sideshow: A fun and festive font with a Mexican flair and a hand-drawn look.


Hot Wheels font is a groovy typeface on fire based on Heavy Heap font by Typodermic Fonts. It is a perfect font for any design that needs a retro and funky style but still with luxury and excellent touch. You can download the font for free or check out similar fonts with the same vibe. Happy designing!