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Coquette is a stunning sans serif font designed by Mark Simonson that draws inspiration from the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements. It features organic curves and loops that create a playful yet elegant appearance. This versatile font is suitable for a range of purposes, such as headlines, logos, posters, and invitations.

Coquette Font Attributes

One of the most striking features of Coquette font is its low x-height and high ascender and descender, which gives it a tall and elegant appearance. It’s moderate contrast and smooth stroke also give it a soft and refined feel, making it perfect for a wide range of applications. Moreover, the font’s quirky and charming details, such as the loop tail of the Q, curved crossbar of the A, swashy terminal of the R, and ball terminal of the C, add personality and flair to any design. Another advantage of the Coquette font is its support for multiple languages, including Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, and Vietnamese. It also has a set of symbols, icons, arrows, and ligatures.

Where to Use Coquette Font

Where can you use this font to make your designs stand out? This font is perfect for media and designs that require a playful and elegant touch. It can be used for logo and title design, creating a memorable and distinctive identity for a company or product. This identity conveys a sense of fun, sophistication, or romance. For poster and flyer design, it can attract attention and communicate the theme and mood of an event, product, or service with headlines, subheadings, captions, or slogans. And for web and app design, it can enhance the usability and aesthetics of a website or app. With navigation menus, buttons, banners, or content that adapts to different screen sizes and resolutions.

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Similar Fonts

If you love Coquette font, you might also like these other decorative sans serif fonts:

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  • Museo Sans: based on the popular Museo serif font, with a playful and elegant style that features rounded terminals and curves


Coquette font is a stunning and versatile typeface that can add a touch of playfulness and elegance to any design. Whether you’re creating a logo, poster, or website, Coquette font is a great choice. Try it out today and elevate your designs to the next level!

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