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Welcome to our newest edition of a typeface called Oppenheimer font. If you’re also a fan of the 2023 film and looking for font used in the title then you have come to the right place! Today we will tell you all about this font, where it comes from, and how it was created. We hope you will stay with us until the end.

What Font was Used in Oppenheimer Movie?

Oppenheimer movie logo vs Gotham bold font similarity example

The font used for the Oppenheimer movie logo is not a commercially available font, but a custom modification of Gotham Bold, a geometric sans-serif typeface designed by Tobias Frere-Jones in 2000. Gotham Bold is a versatile and elegant font that has a smooth and consistent look. It is inspired by architectural lettering popular in New York City in the mid-20th century.

Fonts Similar To Oppenheimer

However, if you are looking for a similar font to Oppenheimer, you might want to check out Metropolis Bold, Argentum Novus, Rodin Bokuto, or Ukij Kufi Uz font. These fonts resemble the Oppenheimer logo but with their own unique characteristics and features.

Metropolis Bold

Oppenheimer movie logo vs Metropolis bold font similarity example

Metropolis Bold has some resemblance to the Oppenheimer movie font, which is a custom modification of Gotham Bold. Both fonts have a similar structure and weight. It is a geometric sans-serif font. This font has a smooth and consistent look, with straight lines and sharp corners. And you can download it for free.

Argentum Novus

Oppenheimer movie logo vs Argentum Novus semibold font similarity example

Argentum Novus is a modern Gothic typeface with kana characters adjusted to bring them closer to kanji characters and its alphanumeric characters redesigned to enhance visibility and legibility. It is based on New Rodin, which is most suitable for display purposes. Argentum Novus has seven weights and italics, ranging from thin to extra bold.

Rodin Bokuto

Oppenheimer movie logo vs Rodin font similarity example

Rodin Bokuto is a slim and elegant typeface with a smooth and natural flow. It is suitable for display purposes, such as logos, banners, posters, and more. Rodin Bokuto has four weights and italics, ranging from light to black. It is also a free font to create the Oppenheimer logo.

Ukij Kufi Uz

Oppenheimer movie logo vs Ukij Kufi font similarity example

Ukij Kufi Uz font is a sans-serif typeface that supports the Uyghur language, spoken by the Uyghur people in China. It has a simple and clean design that is easy to read. A single weight and style are available for the Ukij Kufi Uz font. It is another font that looks very similar to the Oppenheimer logo font.

Oppenheimer Font Generator

Eager to see how the Oppenheimer font would look with your text? Our Oppenheimer font generator is a potent tool that offers real-time text previews. Adjust the size, color, and background, and download both the customized preview and the font itself. It’s suitable for designing Oppenheimer Font posters, logos, and banners for free.

Suggested Fonts to Explore

After immersing yourself in the Oppenheimer font, consider exploring these iconic fonts:

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