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What is Haikyu? Where did the Haikyu font come from? Haikyu is a popular Japanese anime series about a high school volleyball team. The logo’s popularity quickly spread around the globe, thanks to its fans. The logo features the word “Haikyu” in a custom-made font, with a volleyball as the dot of the letter “i.” Now let’s learn about Haikyu

About Haikyu

Haikyu is a manga and anime series that revolves around volleyball and its players’ livesHaruichi Furudate created Haikyu and published it in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from 2012 to 2020. Production I.G adapted it into an anime series that aired from 2014 to 2020. It has also been adapted into movies, games, and stage plays.

Haikyu follows the story of Shoyo Hinata, a short boy who loves volleyball and dreams of becoming like his idol, the “Little Giant”, a legendary player who dominated the court despite his height. He joins the volleyball club at Karasuno High School, where he meets Tobio Kageyama, a genius setter who was his rival in middle school. Together, they form an unlikely duo that aims to bring Karasuno back to its former glory and reach the national tournament.

Haikyu is a series that combines comedy, drama, and action, with realistic and detailed depictions of volleyball and its techniques. It also showcases the growth and development of its characters, both on and off the court, as they overcome their weaknesses and discover their strengths. The series has been praised for its engaging story, dynamic animation, memorable characters, and positive messages.

Haikyu logo vs Dimitri Font similarity example

The original Haikyu logo is a custom-made font not available for download or use. The English version of the Haikyu logo, which is used for the international release of anime and manga, is very similar to the Dimitri font, a decorative typeface designed by Fontalicious in 1999. Fun fact! Did you know? The Haikyu logo’s English rendition is often mistaken for the Dimitri font due to their uncanny similarity.

Dimitri font is an all-caps font with thick strokes and pointed edges, giving it a strong and energetic look. It is a versatile font that you can use for various purposes, such as logos, headlines, banners, posters, flyers, stickers, labels, and more. It is especially suitable for creating designs that convey a sense of action, movement, excitement, or adventure. Dimitri font can also be combined with other fonts or elements to create contrast and variety.

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Haikyu Font Generator


Haikyu is a manga and anime series with a dynamic and sporty font for its logo. The font is based on Dimitri font, a typeface with thick strokes and pointed edges. This font, available for free download, is perfect for personal use.

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