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The Diablo font is based on the Exocet font used by the popular video game series also called Diablo. It is a bold and aggressive font that creates a sense of power and excitement. You’ve probably noticed this san-serif bold font used in the game’s logo. Exocet font used on the game’s logo is often referred to as Diablo font has caught the attention of gamers and designers alike.

What is the Diablo Game?

Diablo is a hack-and-slash action role-playing game developed by Blizzard North. It was first released in 1996. First game was set in the fictional Kingdom of Khanduras, where the player battles to defeat Diablo, the Lord of Terror. The game features a dark and gothic aesthetic, which is reflected in the logo and title font.

Exocet Font

The Diablo font is based on the Exocet font. Robert Slimbach designed it in 1993. The Exocet font has a bold and aggressive appearance as a sans-serif typeface. He originally designed it for computer games, but it has gained popularity for other uses.

It is a display font that combines sharp angles and curves to create a striking and dramatic look. originally designed for computer games, but it has gained popularity for other uses. Exocet has a strong and distinctive personality that suits the Diablo theme and mood.

Diablo Free Alternative Fonts

In addition to Exocet, we also found 2 replicas or alternative fonts similar to the Diablo logo. They are Billdad and Diablo Heavy.

Diablo Heavy font is a variant of the Exocet font that has a thicker and bolder weight. It is a fancy serif typeface that has a modern and stylish appearance. Since it looks similar to Exocet you can use Diablo Heavy instead of Exocet. Then you won’t need to buy it.

Diablo game series logo vs Bildad and Diablo Heavy Font similarity Example

Billdad font is Another fancy font inspired by the Diablo game series. It has a chipped and rough appearance that gives it a horror and video game vibe. It is a free font for personal use created by FontGet.

Where to Use the Diablo Font

Diablo fonts are a great choice for any design project that requires a bold and Gothic typeface. You can use the fonts for various genres and themes, such as fantasy, horror, adventure, action, mystery, and more. Some examples of where to use the Diablo fonts are:

  • Video game logos and titles
  • Book covers and titles
  • Movie posters and titles
  • Magazine covers and headlines
  • T-shirt designs and slogans

Diablo Font Generator


Diablo font is a bold and gothic typeface inspired by the Diablo game series. The font is based on Exocet, a display font designed by Jonathan Barnbrook in 1991. Whether you’re a gamer looking to add some flair to your interface, or a designer seeking a distinctive typeface for your project, the Diablo font is a fantastic choice.

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