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Blade Runner is a cult classic science fiction film released in 1982 and directed by Ridley Scott. The film is set in a dystopian future where human-like androids called replicants are hunted down by special agents known as blade runners. The film is widely regarded as one of the best and most influential sci-fi movies ever and has inspired many other works.

One of the distinctive features of Blade Runner is its iconic logo, which uses a futuristic and stylized font that resembles neon lights. Phil Steinschneider designed the font based on the original title design by Douglas Trumbull and Richard Yuricich. He called it Blade Runner Movie Font and made it available for free download.

Blade Runner movie logo vs Blade runner font similarity example

How to Use The Font

Blade Runner Font is an excellent choice for any project that requires a sci-fi or cyberpunk aesthetic. You can use this font for logos, posters, flyers, banners, headlines, titles, captions, and more. The font has a unique and eye-catching look that can make any text stand out.

Blade Runner Font Generator

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Similar Movie Fonts

This Font is not the only movie font with a sci-fi or cyberpunk vibe. Here are some examples of other fonts.:

  • Spinner: Phil Steinschneider created another font called Spinner. Spinner is based on the police spinner car from Blade Runner and has a sleek and futuristic look.
  • Katana: WAPtype created a font with a sharp and edgy style that resembles a sword bladeKatana is suitable for projects that need a dynamic and aggressive feel.
  • Future Light: This font created by Joseph Dawson has a minimalist and elegant design that resembles neon tubes. Coming Light is ideal for projects that need a simple and modern touch.


Blade Runner Font is a fantastic font that captures the essence of Blade Runner, one of the most influential sci-fi movies ever made. The font has a futuristic and stylized appearance that can enhance any project that requires a sci-fi or cyberpunk theme. The font is free to download and use.

Furthermore, if you would like to download other similar style fonts, you can check out our other font offerings including NikeStar Born, and Crispy Tofu fonts now!

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