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Scream font is a horror font based on the logo of the Scream movie franchise. It is a series of slasher films that parody the horror genre. Thomas W. Ziller created this font in 1996. The font features jagged edges, dripping blood, and irregular shapes that evoke a sense of fear and suspense.

Logo vs Font Similarity And Features

Scream font has uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation marks, and some symbols. This font has uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation marks, and some symbols. Samuel Park designed this font. This font is a remake of the font “RsFutura”, which look almost like the font. Samuel made the design bolder. They also made some fixes, such as the Scream-style of the M and the V’s.

scream movie logo vs Scream Font similarity example

It supports Latin-based languages and has a total of 98 glyphs. The font has a regular weight and style and no variants or alternates. This font size ranges from 8 to 72 points, and the line height is 1.2.

The font is free for personal use only and requires a license for commercial use. The license can be purchased from the creator’s website or other font marketplaces. The font file format is TrueType (TTF), compatible with most operating systems and applications.

Where to Use Scream Font

Scream font suits any project requiring a horror theme or a spooky atmosphere. You can use this font for posters, flyers, banners, logos, titles, headlines, invitations, cards, labels, stickers, and more. It can also be used for Halloween decorations, costumes, or parties.

You can pair the font with other fonts with similar styles or contrasts. For example, You can combine it with a handwritten script font for a creepy effect or a sans serif font for a modern look.

Scream Font Generator

Font View

Scream Font Character
Scream Font Symbols

About Scream Movie Franchise

Scream franchise is a series of six horror films that parody and pay homage to the slasher genre. Wes Craven directed the first four films and Kevin Williamson wrote them (except for the third one, which Ehren Kruger wrote). Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett directed the fifth and sixth films and James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick wrote them. Various killers wearing Ghostface mask target Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) and her friends throughout the franchise. The franchise also features Courteney Cox as reporter Gale Weathers, David Arquette as deputy Dewey Riley, and Roger L. Jackson as the voice of Ghostface. Critics and fans have praised the franchise for its clever twists, meta-humor, and references to other horror films. It has also been criticized for its violence, gore, and clichés. The franchise has grossed over $913 million worldwide and has spawned a television series, merchandise, and games

In summary,

Scream font is a horror typeface inspired by the Scream movie franchise. It has a distinctive design that creates a scary and thrilling mood. This font is free for personal use and various projects that need a touch of horror. You can mix and match it with other fonts to create unique combinations. Let us know in the comment below how you like to use this font.

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